Which F1 Team Should I Support in 2023?

2022 was a year of innovation and excitement, as a radical rules overhaul provided an opportunity for a complete shuffle of the existing grid. But it became clear relatively quickly who was going to run away with the title, with Red Bull proving to have the most complete package and sweeping up both the Constructors’ … Read more

The Average F1 Fan’s 2022 Predictions: Revisited

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. I have been summoned to the high chair to look back on the predictions I made for the 2022 season. There’s bound to be a few surprising bullseyes, but a far greater number of boo-boos. Let’s start by looking at my Drivers’ Standings: Carlos Sainz Jr. didn’t win … Read more

Top 5 Driver Debuts in Formula 1

One of the greatest indicators of a future star in the making in Formula 1 is to get off the ground running straight away. In fact, there is no better way to make an impression than to score points on your debut in the illustrious racing series. A mere 67 drivers can lay claim to … Read more

Mike Beuttler: The Only Known Gay F1 Driver

Introduction There has always been a close association between Formula 1 and machismo, especially in the earlier days of the sport. A lot of the earliest Grand Prix racers had been battle-hardened on the frontlines during World War 2, and there was a somewhat unspoken notion that you had to be this super-manly kind of … Read more

Traction Control and ABS in Formula 1

Formula One is often referred to as the pinnacle of open-wheel racing. Every year, some of the best automotive engineers in the world work together to shave a few grams, or extract a few extra horsepower to create some of the fastest vehicles known to man. With the help of cutting-edge technology, the likes of … Read more

What Is Used To Fuel Formula 1 Cars?

There is no doubt about it: F1 cars are lightning quick. It is part of the reason why us fans like watching and indulging in the sport so much; the raw speed alone can give such an amazing adrenaline rush. We place so much importance on the internal machinery of the cars, like the engine … Read more

Why You Should Watch F2 and F3

As the summer break comes to a close, I’m sure many of you here have been itching to see some racing action once again. While there are many open-wheel series taking place all around the globe, I believe some of the best entertainment can be found in Formula 1’s feeder series, namely F2 and F3. … Read more

Why Are Formula 1 Tyres Shiny?

Some of you more eagle-eyed Formula One fans may have realised a slight change to the overall look of F1 cars in recent years. Whenever the likes of Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes teams roll out of the pitlane, the Pirelli tyres seem to have a plasticky sheen on their surface. Now, this shiny look … Read more

Why are Formula 1 Tyres Smooth?

It seems to go against all convention; you would think a smooth slick tyre would slip around more on the tarmac. Like comparing ice with sandpaper. But in reality, every F1 car on the current grid uses slick tyres, unless the track is wet of course. Since Formula One is always in pursuit of the … Read more